Dávid Csercsik, PhD

Current Position

Research Fellow 
Process Control Research Group  
  Computer and Automation Research Institute  
  Hungarian Academy of Sciences  
  H-1518 Budapest  
  P.O. Box 63., Kende u. 13-17.  
  Tel:  (36) 1 279 6163 (office)  
  Fax: (36) 1 466 7503  


Systems Biology; Computational Neuroscience; Nonlinear Systems; Theory, Application and Model Simplification of Reaction Kinetic Networks; Differential Geometry; Application of Cooperative Game Theory for Electrical Energy Transmission Analysis 

Selected Publications

D. Csercsik, K.M. Hangos and G.M. Nagy, “A simple reaction kinetic model of rapid (G

protein dependent) and slow (β-Arrestin dependent) transmission,” Journal of

Theoretical Biology, vol 255(7), pp. 119-128, 2008, doi:10.1016/j.jtbi.2008.07.032

IF: 2.454 

D. Csercsik, I. Farkas, G. Szederkényi, E, Hrabovszky, Zs. Liposits and K.M. Hangos,

"Hodgkin-Huxley type modelling and parameter estimation of GnRH neurons,"

BioSystems, vol 100, pp. 198-207, 2010, doi:10.1016/j.biosystems.2010.03.004 IF: 1.267 

G. Szederkényi, K.M. Hangos and D. Csercsik: “Computing Realizations of Reaction

Kinetic Networks with Given Properties”, Coping with Complexity: Model Reduction and

Data Analysis. Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering Vol. 75, pp.

253-267. Springer, 2010  

D. Csercsik , G. Szederkényi., K.M. Hangos and I. Farkas: “Model Synthesis and

Identification of a Hodgkin-Huxley-Type GnRH neuron model,” ECC'09 European

Control Conference, August 23-26, Budapest, Hungary, 2009